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Facilitating links to 3rd parties

Whatever technology, solution or service your company seeks to provide to a particular market, it has become increasingly important for you to be aware of those firms who exert powerful influence on that market.

Here, we mean the major firms involved in systems integration and management consultancy.

It could well be, that these firms are selling or have already sold their skills and services into those businesses that you are similarly targeting.

You would therefore need to be aware of their presence, their influence in your target accounts.

For you to be successful in these same accounts, you may need to ally yourself with one or more of these 3rd parties, to ensure that your products/ services are given a hearing and as far as possible, are then included in any of the existing account management responsibilities and/or new bid opportunities, for which they are the prime contractor.

We could help you do that, by introducing you to the key personnel within these firms, to enable you in turn to articulate the case for your product or service.

The benefits to you:

By utilising WTA to help you to win into these major 3rd party influencers, you are ensuring that you stand a better chance of doing business with your targeted account, than you would otherwise do, if you focused solely on the targeted account and tried to go it alone.

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