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Business briefing,
seminar arrangement

You may consider it appropriate, as part of your marketing plan, to arrange one or more briefings/ seminars (half-day or full day), for either your existing clients or for prospective clients.

We can assist you in the arrangement and successful completion of any briefing/ seminar.

Working with, or separately from, your own marketing team, we can handle either specific parts, or the whole organisation of the event:

  • from the initial list build or list sourcing, the venue selection, invitation copy and print (or production of an email mailer), mailing fulfilment and post-mailing telephone follow-up, AV equipment hire, reception staff, feedback analysis, post-event opportunities follow-up.

As the list of the different tasks can be long and detailed, a feature of our work in delivering this service is our Responsibilities' Schedule. This is a list of all responsibilities, ours and yours, along with their completion dates week-by-week, all the way down to the event date itself.

The Responsibilities' Schedule is drawn up at the outset. We have you agree it and then work with you to keep both sides on track, in its completion.

The benefits to you:

  • you are relieved of the responsibility of organisation and fulfilment (ensuring targeted individuals actually do attend!), allowing your sales and marketing people time to focus on the key messages that they wish to impart through their presentations.
  • by utilising WTA, you will be tapping into the considerable experience and knowledge we have in briefings' / seminars' organisation, so guaranteeing you a successful event.
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